Frequently Asked Questions
What are the server's specs?
We only use top of the line E3, i7s or E5s, DDR3/DDR4 ECC RAM, HGST Western Digital SSDs, and 1000Mb connection to ensure maximum performance.
How long does it take to setup a server?
Setup is instant after we receive the payment. That means no lengthy wait times! Get playing right away! If your server was not automatically setup, please post a ticket so that we can resolve that! Modpacks do need to be manually installed, which can take time.
How will I control my server?
We offer Multicraft control panel, which allows you full and direct control over your server. You can manage the console and upload files directly from it. Additionally, we provide you with full FTP access, which enables you to effortlessly manage your server's files using Multicraft built in FTp or a third party program such as Filezilla.
Can I upload my own mods or modpack?
Yes! We allow you to upload any jar file you wish. This is because we provide you with full FTP access to your server's. If you need help then please post a ticket so we can assist with this matter! We do suggest that you only try this if you have a good understanding on how a forge server actually runs.
Can I use any plugins I want?
Yes you can! Feel free to use the Multicraft FTP or Filezilla to upload any plugins you want, just make sure you have Craftbukkit or Spigot selected. If you are having trouble removing a plugin from your server, make sure you completely stop the server first.
Can I use my own map or download a map to the server?
Absolutely! That awesome thing called full FTP access makes that very easy thing to do! If you have any trouble, Just contact the ticket department for assistance.
Do I have to pay for my plans monthly?
That is just one option, you can also pay quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan later on?
Yes, there is an option to do so in your Client Area, and if you need help finding it feel free to contact support.
I ordered a Dedicated Ip and/or Unlimited Player Slots, but don't have them yet.
Sorry, sometimes they don't get setup automatically, just let someone know in Live Chat or Submit a Support ticket, and we can get that sorted for you right away.
When I login to my server with my IP, I am on someone else's server.
Double check to make sure you have the right IP and Port, such as, with 44022 being your port. The default port for Minecraft is 25565, and when you don't specify a port, Minecraft uses this one.
I just ordered my server, where is my server info?
Once your server is setup, please check you email, there will be a very important email waiting for you, with a link to your control panel, all of your login info, and a friendly reminder to accept the Minecraft EULA.
I just got my server, and when I press start, it loads for a few seconds, and then crashes.
More than likely you need to accept the Minecraft EULA still. Just go to Config Files on your control panel, and you can enable it there. If this is not the problem, please contact our Live Chat or leave a Support Ticket.
Can I cancel my server at any time?
Yes, there is an option to do so in your Client Area, if you need help finding it feel free to ask in Live Chat. We do ask that if you are having a problem with our service, please ask for help first, as we will glasly try to help solve your issue.