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How to upgrade or downgrade your service

Following these steps will let you upgrade or downgrade your server package if you happen to need more or less RAM. Upgrading is really easy and it only requires a server restart and of course, no loss of any server data.
1. Login into your client panel by clicking here.

2. Click on services box in the panel.

3. Now click on the active service you want to upgrade / downgrade.

4. Click on Upgrade/Downgrade on the left hand side in the Actions box.

5. Find the package your want to change to and select itr from the drop down menu. When you have located the package you want and selected the billing cycle you preferred then where it says Chosse Product.

6. Select your method of payment and click the Click to Continue button.

7. Once the payment has been completed your server will be automatically upgraded. The only thing you need to do is restart the service at your own convenice for the upgrade to take effect.

If any information you see here is outdated please let us know by contacting support via ticket. Thank you.
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